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TIPS You may already know you need to wear sunglasses in the summertime, but you should realize they are important in winter, too. Snow can reflect a great deal of light.

Do you know enough about eye care to keep your eyes healthy as you get older? When was your last eye appointment? Now is the time to start caring for your eyes.

TIPS You need to know if you have a family history of eye problems. It allows a doctor search for any hereditary conditions.

To protect your eyes from the most threatening danger, always wear your sunglasses. Buy a good pair with strong protection from UV rays, and keep them with you. The sun’s radiation can damage your eyes and the skin around them. Make sure to always care properly for your eyes.

TIPS One easy way to protect the eyes is by wearing sunglasses. UV rays are able to harm skin and eyes even through cloud cover.

Although you likely wear sunglasses in the summer, it is also beneficial to wear them in the winter. Believe it or not, the snow can reflect quite a bit of light. Even without snow, the sun shines brightly even on cloudy days.

TIPS Getting a your eyes tested and checked regularly is vital to preserving your eyesight. Sight issues should be checked immediately, but understand that some symptoms don’t always show up immediately.

Assess whether there is a history of eye conditions within your family. This will allow for early diagnosis. Many conditions or diseases that are hereditary may be tested and treated by an eye care specialist. When they can be aware sooner, they can be proactive in prevention and treatment, thus making better progress.

TIPS If you blink a lot you may have an eye issue. Dry eyes or a nervous tic can cause frequent blinking.

Not all sunglasses are equal and some may do little to protect your eyes. You will want to block all types of dangerous rays. Regardless of whether you want to be stylish or not, sunglasses have a purpose, which is to protect your vision.

TIPS Sunglasses are a necessity if you want your eyes to stay healthy. They will help your eyes by blocking UV rays.

Believe it or not, what you eat can play a role in preventing many eye care problems. Studies have shown that eating foods with lots of Vitamin E and C, zinc and fatty acids with omega-3 can prevent macular degeneration and cataracts from occurring. Tuna, beans, salmon, nuts, leafy greens and oranges all are foods with those nutrients.

TIPS Manage your home heating and cooling system properly. These temperature control systems are a major source of dry eyes.

Do you still smoke? It is time to quit. You probably know about the damage it does to your lungs, but you may not know your eyes are affected, too. People who have been smoking for a long time are at higher risk to develop eye disease. When you quit smoking, you drastically reduce your chances of developing certain eye diseases.

TIPS Staring at a computer too long can strain your eyes. When you feel your eyes drying out, blink frequently to help.

Omega-3 fatty acids will help you with eye care. Use foods that have this nutrient as part of your daily diet. Be sure you have halibut, tuna, salmon, plus dark green leafy vegetables in your diet. Try eating one serving a day.

TIPS Keeping up with your routine eye exams is critical to maintaining eye health. If you’re older, you need to get them checked frequently.

Wearing sunglasses can really protect your vision. Even on cloudy days, there are UV rays that can cause eye and skin damage. Buy sunglasses that have UV protection. They cost a little more, but will protect your eyes.

TIPS Use allergy eye drops sparingly if you need them to sooth the itchiness. Even though it might provide immediate relief, prolonged use can lead to additional problems.

Sunglasses are important! Wearing the proper sunglasses will keep your eyes protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. Overexposure to UV rays can cause cataracts or macular degeneration. Get a pair that block both UVB and UVA rays to get the best protection. If you are really concerned, choose sunglasses that wraparound on the sides for ultimate coverage.

Saline Solution

TIPS Sunglasses are stylish, but they also have a very important duty when it comes to your eyes. Sunglasses can help maintain the health of your eyes.

Keep saline solution within reach. Also, always wear safety goggles when you are at work. Most people do not wear goggles nearly frequently enough. If something gets in your eye while cleaning, use the saline solution to rinse it out.

TIPS Refrain from smoking at all costs. It harms the blood vessels in your eyes, as with the rest of your body.

If you’re using eye drops because of allergies, use them sparingly. Even if they help you out, if you use them a lot you’ll have problems you don’t want to deal with. If the eye drops don’t soothe your eyes adequately, then you need to see an eye-care professional to discuss other, more-effective treatments.

TIPS Puffy eyes can be easily treated by cucumber slices or even moistened tea bags. Simply slice cucumbers into quarter inch slices and apply to your swollen eyes while you lay back and relax.

You need to know about eye care when it comes to your family’s history. A lot of eye conditions or illnesses tend to be hereditary. This will help you figure out if there is anything you should be concerned about. If you know about it, you can make sure you are checked out thoroughly.

TIPS You need an eye ointment when your eyes become irritated or dry. They will lubricate your eyes and stay on your skin.

With age comes a whole host of problems, including dry eyes. Including omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can be beneficial. Also, air that is either too cold or too hot can make things worse. Keep the vents in the car pointed away from your face, and make sure you do not have a fan or vent blowing right on you at work.

TIPS Treat contact lenses with great care. Research has indicated that a shockingly large percent of contact lens wearers are not following the directions of their eyecare providers on lens care.

When working on the computer or others things that can cause eye strain, try taking some breaks for walking. By walking around, you not only re-energize yourself, but you also increase your blood flow. The increased oxygen and blood can reduce the strain on your eyes.

TIPS Do you smoke? Stop! Most people are aware of the effect smoking has on the lungs. Additionally, it can harm vision.

When you have puffy eyes, using cucumber slices can prevent retention of water. Cut them into 1/4″ slices and leave them on your eyes for 10 minutes. You can reduce inflammation with green tea bags soaked in cool water.

TIPS Whenever you spend time outside, wear a hat for eye protection. Obviously eye-wear that is UV protected offer some comfort but head-wear offers more protection.

Do you spend a lot of time working with the computer? Make sure to take frequent breaks. You need to allow your eyes a break so they can relax and feel less stress. Take a walk and do what you need to do to rest your eyes.

Contact Lenses

TIPS To help maintain eye health, make sure you are taking care of all your health issues. Controlling issues like diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels can make your eyes better.

You must properly care for your contact lenses. Unfortunately a great number of people do not take proper care of their contact lenses. This can lead to irritation, infection, and even vision loss. Never moisten your contacts with saliva. The mouth harbors a great deal of bacteria that can cause infections in the eye. Plus, rest your eyes from wearing contacts and wear your glasses once a week.

TIPS Smoking doesn’t just damage your lungs, it can also damage your eyes. Smokers are more likely to have macular degeneration.

Eating healthy foods can help your eyes. Nutrients such as omega-3s, zinc, lutein and vitamins E and C help protect your eyes. They can prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. The latter is an irreversible eye problem.

TIPS Using a computer frequently each day is difficult on the eyes, especially if you already wear corrective lenses. Be sure that the prescription is current, either for your glasses or contacts, and that this is appropriate for computer work.

It is important to focus on your health concerns to ensure your eyes stay healthy. Keeping diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension under control will help your eyes. Risking eye damage or vision loss increases when these are not kept under control. One disease, diabetic retinopathy, is often caused when your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels are elevated. This can lead to damaged blood vessels within your eyes.

TIPS It is important to protect your eyes with the proper gear. If you work with wood or play sports, you should wear goggles.

You can have bad eye health for many different reasons. Knowing what eye care is all about is crucial. When you are done reading this valuable information, you will understand what it takes to keep your eyes healthy.